Embed OSM

WordPress plugin to embed OpenStreetMap on the page/post.

Write shortcode as blow.

[embed_osm lat="35.32395" lon="139.55598" zoom="16"]

If you install this plugin, metabox as below will appear on the page/post edit pages.
Drug and zoom the map, copy generated shortcode and paste to the page/post editor.

On the plugin setting page, you can specify the size of map, home position, type of marker and so on.

Shortcode as below

[embed_osm lat="35.32395" lon="139.55598" zoom="16"]

will be displayed as a map blow.
Size of map, type of layer and marker will be changed by plugin setting.


WordPress.org https://wordpress.org/plugins/embed-osm/

Unzip downloaded file, copy all files in ‘embed-osm’ folder to
wp-content/plugins folder.
Embed OSM plugin will appear on ‘Installed Plugins’ page, just activate it!

GPLv2 or later